Diet Plan for Typhoid

For speedy recovery and to avoid potentially serious complications of typhoid fever, it is very important to have a good and balanced diet plan. If not treated promptly and adequately (with suitable antibiotics and diet) typhoid fever may cause serious complications like perforation of typhoid ulcer of intestine and chronic carrier state (which is very difficult to cure). To avoid serious complication diet plays an important role in typhoid by hastening recovery.

The following diet plan for typhoid can hasten recovery and help to avoid serious complications:

Early morning:

The early morning should be started with milk or tea with bread (breads are easy to digest and have good amount of protein).

Breakfast: The breakfast should consist of boiled eggs (boiled eggs are the easiest to digest among high protein foods), porridge etc. Both of these are easily good for health.

Mid morning:

This should be with tea with sandwich.


Mixed vegetables, whole grain cereal, fish, egg and white meat etc. should be taken during lunch.

Evening tea:

It should be with tea, bread with jam or bread with butter.


It should be with soup, whole grain cereals and vegetables.

At bedtime custard with fruits should be taken.

Some points should be remembered while planning a diet for typhoid fever patients. The following are the points to remember:

  • Meals should be small and given at frequent interval, instead of a few large meals a day. Larger meals can be given like for any normal person, as the general health condition improves.
  • Intake of oral fluids and salts should be sufficient to cover up the loss.
  • The diet of typhoid fever patient should be bland, soft (for easier digestion and absorption), high in protein and calorie and low in fiber content.

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Monday, July 4th, 2011 Holly Paten

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  • snehal agarwal says:

    is boiled egg or omelette preferred for the typhoid patients?
    as it contains egg contains high amount of protein in it….

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